A new garden at St Helens Elementary!

So much has happened in 2011!  It’s hard to believe it all took place in about 8 months.  Made possible by major grants from the Cowlitz Fund and Lowe’s, generous donations from local families and businesses, and LOTS of hard work by adults and kids alike.  Here are a few of my favorite St Helens moments:

Ryan's Tractor Service donated lots of time doing initial excavation and waterlines. Tim Alwine hauled 8 dump truck loads out of there! Remember what a soggy June it was?
Wayne Alexander and crew pour concrete donated by Knife River Concrete.













Neighborhood kids came out of the woodwork in the summer to help. Dr. Darin gives a lesson on proper hammer technique.
These volunteers put in A LOT of hours over the summer!


 Kyle and Mikail said “You HAVE to tell the other kids that we helped build this shed when school starts, because they’ll NEVER believe us!”



 Squaring up the shed floor with Parks and Rec Summer crew.

Working at recess - check out the kids outside the fence.... "No fair!"



Hardworking kids with volunteer Shawn Higgins


Planting... finally!


Mrs. Kiffe spreading the love.
Ms T and Alberto talking care of business.









A young garden, buzzing with activity!