Produce Sale every Wednesday through September

Produce Sale SUMMER

Each week produce is harvested from 16 gardens for Wednesday sales at Northlake.

Student farmers are eager to sell you their berries, tomatoes, peas, greens, herbs, and cut flowers; as the summer progresses we’ll have peppers, figs, grapes, squash, cucumbers, plums, and more.

Low prices –

Beautiful produce –

Top-notch customer service


Starts June 22!


Click the image for details. Contact Ian if you still have a question.

Edible Olympic is online


What is Edible Olympic?

First the garden. On Thursdays students are farmers. They work in a 10,000 square foot garden that was an unfenced green field in early 2015. They’ve planted berry bushes, fruit trees, and have rows of soil waiting for the spring planting. They plant, weed, and thin their crops until the food is ready to harvest.

Second the kitchen. On Fridays the students are chefs. They take this produce and combine it with healthy, economical groceries and slice, dice, bake, roast, simmer, and sauté incredible meals. After the cooking class they take the ingredients they need home and cook and eat the same meal with their families.

LCSG and The Xerces Society – collaborating to protect pollinators

lcsg-xerces2One of our AmeriCorps Members, Hillary Jensen, recently had the opportunity to visit the Xerces Society in Portland, OR along with LCSG Board President – Louis LaPierre, and Friend of LCSG, Author and Naturalist – Robert Pyle.

Xerces generously donated Pollinator Habitat signs for installation in each of our School Gardens – which will help us teach about and protect VIPs (very important pollinators) in our own community.

Thank you for the signs and for all the valuable work you do for invertebrates, Xerces Society.
Learn more about the birth and work of Xerces here: